Wicker Purse

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Why choose us?

Reason one

we are in the fight with you. Our team is ran by people with cystic fibrosis. Creating products that cf people would want to wear!

Reason two

We donate 10% of all proceeds to cf non-Profits. We also support cf ran small business buy purchasing products or highlighting their business in our blogs,social media or include them in our product line up!

Thank you for your support

When you buy from sixty five you support a cystic fibrosis entrepreneur and his family. You also support the sixty five team of cf individuals and families looking to raise awareness for their illness. Your support is so appreciated! Thank you!

Share your story with us

we would love to hear from you! Our sixty five blog is a place for cf people to share, discuss, and inspire others with cf! We would love to have you be A part of it!


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