Sixty Five Seasonal Subscription

Sixty Five Seasonal Subscription

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  • Get a Fresh New Sixty Five Shirt Every Season! 
  • Our Season product Drops are first come first serve, Being a member gives you a guarantee that you will get one of the seasons t-shirts before it goes live!
  • Members also get a 10% off Season Code in each box! 
  • Each box will also get a free item only available to subscribers, and decal!
  • Your Order will Ship out on our season Subscription dates below.( Deadline is 20th of the last month in the season. orders placed on the 21st will go to next season box delivery! Cancelations must be made the 20th of the last season or no refund will be given. 
    1. Spring Box = January 1st- March 20th = Ships March 30th
    2. Summer Box = March 21st- June 20th = Ships June 30th
    3. Fall Box = June 21st-Sept. 20th = Ships Sept. 30th
    4. Winter Box = Sept. 21st- dec. 20th= Ships Dec.30th 


    • Your Subscription Helps Raise Money For Pipers Angel's Foundation 
    • You also help impact the our environment with our eco-Friendly Tees! 


    • Please review Sizing Below before ordering your subscription!

    Why choose us?

    Reason one

    we are in the fight with you. Our team is ran by people with cystic fibrosis. Creating products that cf people would want to wear!

    Reason two

    We donate 10% of all proceeds to cf non-Profits. We also support cf ran small business buy purchasing products or highlighting their business in our blogs,social media or include them in our product line up!

    Thank you for your support

    When you buy from sixty five you support a cystic fibrosis entrepreneur and his family. You also support the sixty five team of cf individuals and families looking to raise awareness for their illness. Your support is so appreciated! Thank you!

    Share your story with us

    we would love to hear from you! Our sixty five blog is a place for cf people to share, discuss, and inspire others with cf! We would love to have you be A part of it!