The Fighters Chronicles - The Salty Cysters Pt 3

The Fighters Chronicles - The Salty Cysters Pt 3


Lea & Tiff get asked a lot how they met, since they both have cf & obviously live on completely opposite sides of the United States. Their story began only two years ago, when Tiff was trying to check one more thing off her bucket list by meeting Taylor Swift. At the time Lea had no clue who Tiff was, however her Buzzfeed article went viral about meeting Taylor & all of Lea’s friends were sending it to Lea in complete awe of Tiff.

A few months went by & of course Lea was browsing instagram, like she normally does, when she came across Tiff’s account. Lea instantly added Tiff & Tiff added her back & thats when their friendship began with short messages of support & encouragement to one another. However, they didn’t become close until last winter. Tiff had uploaded her newest video on her youtube LUNGS4TIFF about the day she was referred for transplant. Lea cried her eyes out watching that video thankful that she had never been in that situation but fearful it could one day be her. Little did she know exactly 1 week later Lea would be put in Tiff’s shoes. Lea had her normal follow-up CF appointment. Honestly she was doing better than she had been over the past year, however Lea’s CF team decided transplant would be her best option in the future if they could not get her hemoptysis under control. Luckily at that appointment Lea’s mom was with her, however the news hit both of them hard & Lea was a total wreck. However, she would have been more of a wreck if she hadn’t seen Tiff’s video the week before almost prepping her for that moment.

Lea spent the next few weeks absolutely devastated, feeling completely alone bc no one could relate to her in her life, & unsure of what the future held, however she felt the need to reach out to Tiff & let her know that her video really impacted Lea. And to be honest from that day that Lea reached out to Tiff they became instant besties. CF may have been the driving force that brought Lea & Tiff together, however their friendship is so much more than just CF.  Tiff got Lea through one of the hardest times of her life when no one else could, they may live on opposite sides of the US but distance is no match for the love, support, & friendship they bring into each others lives. 

How Salty Cysters was born: 

In the Summer of 2016 Lea and Tiff were talking about how they could further help the CF community as well as raise CF awareness & funds for CF research. The thing about Lea and Tiff is that separately they’ve experienced a good amount of what CF can throw at you, but together they have literally been through almost every situation CF can put you through in life and together they handle it with even more positivity and strength than they do alone. So after a good amount of time throwing ideas and names back and forth Salty Cysters was born. They hope that over the next few months and even years down the road they can help to unite the CF community through different tools, help get us even closer to a cure by raising CF awareness through their stories and raise funds by selling their CF swag, and help others with chronic illnesses embrace all the obstacles that chronic disease can throw at you with a positive spirit. 

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As a new CF mommy I am so grateful that my little daughter has incredible ladies like you guys that are running this race ahead of her. Keep on fighting ladies! So proud of you!

Kim Viljoen

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