The Fighters Chronicles - Loriann Reynolds

The Fighters Chronicles - Loriann Reynolds



In 1973 I was born as a twin.. We are two minutes apart. My twin brother does not have CF and I am okay with that, primarily because the doctors had told my parents that if he had been born with the disease instead of me, he would not have lived.
My parents were also told to not get too close to me emotionally, because I would probably not live to see my 3rd Birthday... I just turned 43 1/2... Yes, the halves count!
I grew up on Long Island, NY and probably have had as many hospitals stays as I've had birthdays.. Just to be safe, add a few more hospital stays onto the forty something number. I've had 13 surgeries, 3 Port A Caths, 2 oxygen machines, and a partridge in a pear tree.. Just wanted to see if you were still reading along....
Three and a half years ago I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in the hopes of drying out my lungs. I also was diagnosed with MAC/MAI. My fiancée and I were fans of the southwest, so we decided without much hesitation that we would give Sin City a shot.
Although my fev1 is on the lower end, and I require o2 and a wheelchair when we go out, I have found my niche here in southern Nevada volunteering my time with fundraisers for the Nevada Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I'm enjoying being a significant part of a cause that I know backward and forward. Whether I am speaking to parents of their newly diagnosed child and trying to ease their fears, or asking for and collecting donated items for our yearly events, or speaking about my life thus far to a room full of 500 or more people, I am committed to my Chapter to help bring about awareness to Cystic Fibrosis.
On a daily basis, I'm eager to shed light on this disease for which so many of us live with and I will talk to anyone who might ask me out of the blue why I'm coughing or why am I wearing oxygen.... The more people who know about CF, the more people will fight with us to find a cure.
My wish is for everyone to have a happy and healthy holiday season...



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This is a beautiful article! Best wishes to you and what wonderful work you are doing for such an important cause.

Michelle Alvarez

It’s Hollie, George’s friend. I just wanted to say how much I always hope that you are feeling well and tell you what an inspiration you are to your brother, your wonderful family and friends, and to all of those you help throughout your life. I always think of you and in my prayers to the universe, send you love and happiness. Have a Merry Christmas.


Respect Lori. Merry Christmas to you.

Matt Carlson

So proud of your grace and strength, Lori! We love you! Love, Julie & Steve

Julie Catalano

Lori is a true inspiration to us all! I’m so happy to know her!


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