The Fighters Chronicles - Jesse Ryan Martin

The Fighters Chronicles - Jesse Ryan Martin



My name is Jesse Ryan Martin and I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 8 months old.  My life was awesome when I was growing up, I was raised my amazing parents Jesse and Wanda Martin. Everything was great growing up, I don't remember ever having any issues with cf when I was a child.  Then at 7 years of age I was admitted into the hospital.  This was pretty traumatic experience for me due to the fact that they sent me home with the antibiotics and they did not check my levels.  My kidneys shut down and was on dialysis.  The doctors didn't think my kidneys would ever fully recover, but miraculously they where fully healed.  I contribute that to God and my praying family.  Nevertheless fast forward to age 21 and that was the only hospitalization I had ever had.  I remember going to an adult cf doctor for the first time ever at the age of 21, I was in such bad shape with my O2 levels at about 70% and my FEV1s at 40% and weighing 114lbs at 5'7.  Needless to say the doctor and I had a very serious conversation about my health, he said "If I did not change then I would not live to see 25".  This was a very eye opening experience for me.  I am now a certified personal trainer through ISSA, and I have dedicated my life to help all cf patients I can to reach their full potential health wise absolutely free. 

For those who do not have cf I still help them and 10% of all proceeds that come in go straight to the CF Foundation. If you would like for me to help you please contact me! I also have a small but growing youtube channel to help everyone with their fitness goals with a special emphasis on CF patients!





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